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Sunday, August 10, 2014

GFPs™  (on the job)-TRAINING COURSE:

'CLEAN SHOTS' after just one of the first lessons

ღℬℛℰℰℬℛℰℰ Jᴏɴᴇsღ (br33annajones):::My intentions with GFPs is to learn all that there is to be a model here on Secondlife.
ღℬℛℰℰℬℛℰℰ Jᴏɴᴇsღ (br33annajones):::To become the best model that I can be!
 I look forward to meeting new people, having loads of fun and being successful in the modeling industry.

*Bree Bree will learn that everyone will think they can be the best,...smiles However,  the most important is to be Very Beautiful as  model by way of ethics, inner being, individuality, professionalism, and to naturally Love the Art of Fashion Creations.

*Bree Bree has a wonderful outlook ...she understands the concept to 'have fun with it' ....relax, enjoy, and be beautiful!

*Bree Bree will learn to understand  specific features in Secondlife that will be need to make her Fashion Styling comprehensive as well as presentable ...throu either her approval or the approval of the designer she may represent.

*Bree Bree is my student...throu GFPs Hands on/on the Job Training Program ...I offer and offer only specifically. I do enjoy her eager personality thus far ...follow us for more growth.